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Machine Information

I am now offering two standard direct drive machine models (Tripod DD and Fat Bottom DD) and two linear drive style models (LD1 and LD2). The LD1 model has no real give and has a nice stiff hit. The LD2 has coil-like give through a spring mechanism I designed. This allows me to set up the LD2s for any grouping and function, just like you would with a coil machine. You want an LD2 that moves fine lines but can also do black and grey with a nice zippy spongy hit? I can do that.
You want a long stroke liner that can also color pack and whip shade? I can do that as well. You let me know what groupings you are hoping to push with an LD2 and I can set it up for your grouping preference.
All machines have a high torque Japanese motor that will line, shade, or color by adjusting the voltage on your power supply.
Fat Bottom DDs, Tripod DDs, and the LD1s will move cartridges easily but the LD2s are recommended to be used with standard needles.

All machines come with a 1 year limited warranty.

No returns.

You can see available machines on my Instagram account's Story Highlights. @ancientirons

Machine troubleshooting

If you are experiencing trouble with your machine please follow these steps before sending it back for inspection:

1. Check the cam set screw closest to the motor shaft. Make sure it is nice and tight. If it has loosened up a bit it can still make the cam spin but will not get enough torque to work properly.

2. Check the cam bearing set screw and make sure it's not too tight. It should be nice and snug, not tight. If this screw is too tight it will keep the ball bearing from spinning smoothly preventing the machine from working properly.

If neither one of these steps solves the issue you are having, please contact me so I can take care of it.


-Alfredo Matta