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Pigment Information

All colors are hand mixed by yours truly using pure pigment powder, distilled water, ethyl alcohol, and vegetable glycerin. The way it was done long before the commercializing of the tattoo craft. No corporate investors or hidden partners.
Just a tattooer mixing the best pure powder pigment in small batches by hand for fellow tattooers.
-No plastics.
-No chemical additives.
-Vegan friendly.

Due to the hand mixed nature of the process, and despite my most precise measurements, batches of the same color may not be EXACTLY like the previous one but I try to keep them as close as humanly possible.

Hand mixed tattoo pigment is available in 2oz bottles for $16 each, or 4oz bottles for $30 each.
I am offering free shipping on all pigment orders of $150 or more.

If you want to place a pigment order, please email the list of colors you would like by clicking here.

If you are ordering in Washington state you can contact Coalition Tattoo Supply here.

I am a one man operation so quantities of some colors may be limited at any given time.

User Assumes all responsibility for this product.